Dr & Mrs KOO's music studio

Highly qualified professional musicians and experienced supportive teachers of piano, violin, viola, cello, orchestral double bassmusic theory and composition.

With extensive experience working in professional orchestras, teaching at universities, and in our private studio, we provide professional individual lessons to students of all ages for both their enjoyment and all levels of examinations. We offer complete trainings upon the AMEB music syllabuses, including aural and general knowledges required in practical exams, to ensure our students getting their gradings smoothly and successfully. We also help students for HSC Music 2 and Music Extension - Performances and Submitted Works.

With many years of experience learning practising, performing, teaching exploring and experimenting, and derived from the concepts of the Art of Violin Playing by Carl Flesch, Principles of Violin Playing and Teaching by Ian Galamian, The Artist's Technique of Violin Playing, D.C. Dounis, the Music Guides violin and Viola by Yehudi Menuhin, Dr Koo has generated a series of four books  Techniques of String Playing. Using the innovative exercises of the books that enable students obtaining an absolute mastery of the higher technical difficulties of violin, viola, cello and double bass playing in the shortest possible time.

Dr Koo has been placed in the AMEB NSW Top 5 Most Outstanding Private Teacher.
Dr Koo is a music tutor of the University of NSW, and an external examiner for PhD degree for the University of Wollongong.

Lessons are held in our private studio, located in Castle Hill in the north west of Sydney, NSW Australia


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Dr Koo. You have a great gift for teaching children and you are truly an inspiration to all around you.

Charu Parbhoo



Your students are lucky to have such an inspiring teacher.

Douglas Glanville General Manager - Sydney String Centre



I’m very appreciative of your generosity and heartfelt teaching.

Genevieve Ton